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N44 is a friendly and free Group for all 4x4 enthusiasts in Northants and surrounding areas.

With 500+ members it is the largest 4x4 group in Northants.

In Northants4x4 there’s something to suit every type of 4x4 user. We have a packed calendar full of events from monthly Pub social meetings to Greenlaning outings, play days, Offroad camping weekends and our own punch challenge events. It’s completely free, so click on the logo below to Join up now for technical advice, the organised trips and outings, 4x4 items for sale , chat and much more. . . .


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Brickhill punch and play day on the 2nd March

Avon Dassett 23rd March

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N44 Response Team proudly was nominated to take part in the ASDA stores local charity scheme and got a £100 donation! - great news 

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About us


Northants4x4 was started in 2006 as a free place for local 4x4 users to get together to share information as well as plan green lane outings and visits to local off road sites. The site was a place where 4x4 experiences could be shared in a fun way. Within a few months the membership had grown to well over 100 members from all across the county. Due to the success of the forum, the family inclusive way which it was run and with the power of the members sharing, networking and contributing a truly fabulous community 4x4 spirit had started to develop.


Early 2009 saw the group form a local response team using the membership of Northants4x4. It very quickly became one of the most active in the UK by assisting the local authorities in adverse weather conditions with many miles covered and also included TV coverage.


Our group continue to grow the activities with a packed calendar of varied events to suit all user types, from green laning outings in the UK and now europe, play days to punch challenges, attendance and stands at the major UK 4x4 shows, and now its own merchandise shop.


Membership continues to grow as does the power of the community that it develops—members help one another and are always encouraged to participate, they get out of N44 what they put in.


Whilst everything we do is for the benefit of our members. The spirit of inclusion and education remains embedded within our ethos. we believe that education is the best way forward. That is great for the 4x4 community and preserves the hobby we share for future generations.   



Welcome to Northants4x4

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Coney Green in Stourport played host to our latest N44 outing. Over twenty trucks ventured out to do the 100 mile trip from Northants to visit the wonderful site courtesy of our friends at MuddyToad offroad. The members enjoyed the Muddy nature of the open terrain whilst using their skills in the very steep wooded sections. Many laughs were had from the very start of the day as the N44 Convoy snaked its way across the country to get there on a cold and wet day. Amongst the fun, breakages included a gentle Roll by Andy in his Disco and a diff. 

See the forum for the full report.

Response team Press Release 21st Jan 2013


The snow and big freeze brings in 4x4 volunteers to provide vital help on a grand scale.


With the roads covered in snow and ice, minus temperatures, villages hard to get to, the county’s care services found themselves in positions of not being able to safely get out to all of their patients or have vital members of staff unable to safely get into our local hospitals and hospices. 


Northants4x4 Response Team stepped in to provide the much needed support with their volunteer drivers and capable vehicles. Working closely with the Northants County Council Emergency Planning Team the 4x4 Response Team mobilised the drivers to provide assistance on a huge scale. 


Over the course of the weekend with over 150 call outs and routes the 66 4x4 volunteers covered in excess of 6,500 miles in the freezing conditions safely transporting nearly 200 district nurses and careworkers on their patient visit routes as well as bringing essential members of staff into the hospitals and hospices. The number of vehicles in use across the Northants countryside’s roads peaked as high as 46 on Saturday morning.


Supporting and coordinating this huge effort is no mean feat. A round the clock effort by the team of volunteer 4x4 controllers had their time spent overseeing and dispatching the drivers to the locations, as well as keeping NCC Emergency Planning Team informed of progress. 


The Response Team recognises what a team it is privileged to have and is proud and thankful of the essential support it has given to the county by the dedicated efforts of the volunteer drivers and controllers.